BTC-E PAMM account widgets – shortcode examples

You can use shortcodes of our plugin to show btc-e PAMM account widgets.

Here some examples:


PAMM: RobinHood

by default shows the account “RobinHood”, the oldest profitable btc-e PAMM account, default size: 553×48 px

[btcepamm acc="Everlost"]

PAMM: Everlost

shows statistics for Everlost account, you can choose PAMM account from here , acc=”Everlost”


[btcepamm acc="RobinHood" lang="ru"]

PAMM: RobinHood

widget can appear in Russian, lang=”ru”


[btcepamm acc="RobinHood" lang="zh"]

PAMM: RobinHood

it can be also in Chinese, lang=”zh”


[btcepamm acc="RobinHood" size="small"]

PAMM: RobinHood

small size 138×162 px, size=”small”


[btcepamm acc="RobinHood" size="medium"]

PAMM: RobinHood

medium size 179×243 px, size=”medium”


[btcepamm acc="RobinHood" size="large"]

PAMM: RobinHood

large size 431×216 px, size=”large”


[btcepamm acc="RobinHood" color="grey"]

PAMM: RobinHood

grey color, color=”grey”


[btcepamm acc="RobinHood" color="white"]

PAMM: RobinHood

white color, color=”white”


[btcepamm acc="RobinHood" agent="8024081"]

PAMM: RobinHood

agent’s account number (if you have one) to get referrals, agent=”8024081″


[btcepamm acc="Everlost" lang="ru" size="medium" color="white"]

PAMM: Everlost

shows statistics for account “Everlost”, widget language – Russian, medium size – 179×243 px, white color


[btcepamm acc="RobinHood" lang="zh" size="large" color="grey" agent="8024081"]

PAMM: RobinHood

shows statistics for account “RobinHood”, widget language – Chinese, large size – 431×216 px, grey color, agent’s account 8024081


[btcepamm acc="WordPress"]

Couldn't find PAMM account "WordPress" at BTC-E!

shows error, because the PAMM account “WordPress” does not exist, choose PAMM account from here

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